Am I too young for midlife crisis?

Am I too young for midlife crisis?

I am on spring break. That’s right I am in my 30’s and a mom of 3 and I have gone back to school to finish my undergraduate degree. My declared major is studio art. I am not sure exactly how far I am in school. more than halfway but not quite a senior. The joys of going back to school when you are almost old enough to be everyone’s mother. I have more in common with the Professors than most of the students, I fear. I have plans though. That’s for another post on another day.

I started this blog for a class at the university I am attending. You can find all that course work under the DS106 sub domain. I am finding that I enjoy keeping a blog. My children are in bed, and I am itching to type about something. If you have gotten this far you are itching to read something.

I am on spring break officially Monday and my children not until the following week. I will be busy. Last year we had a water leak in our home with an estimate of 60k in damages. We were misplaced from our home and had to fight with the insurance company to uphold the contract. (I would still love to sue them for bad faith) So 11 months after the damage was found we were able to move back home. That same week for me classes started. So, I am still moving into my home. I still need to figure out where I want to keep stuff in the new kitchen. I am thankful to finally be able to sleep in my own bed. That brings me to the link I would like to share.

A gratitude zine – Austin Kleon (

It is a gratitude activity!

Alright I know it’s not something you can do in bed while not wanting to get up. But I do think it could be something worth doing. I will attempt to do better at supplying my blog with content that will give you something to do while lying in bed aka Hurkle-Durkling.

Here upload a photo off your smart phone and make a fake stamp. Postage Stamp – PhotoFunia: Free photo effects and online photo editor

Hopefully things get better here and in the real world.

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