Hurkle-durkling at Night?

Hurkle-durkling at Night?

Well, I guess lying in bed and not wanting to get up is only one of my many virtues. It is nearly 10 pm and I have decided I am hungry and need food. I am making a bowl of pasta to go with my leftover meat sauce from 2 days ago. I like the quiet at night. Just the hum of the dishwasher and the snoring of my black cat for company. It isn’t scary to sit alone in the almost darkness. I find it cozy, safe, like I am wrapped in a large blanket keeping me hidden from the world. With the new kitchen I can sit on my little blue couch and watch as my little pot begins to boil.

I think we will reflect on mushrooms tonight. I love them. As a child I didn’t like to eat them but thought they were interesting. The more I learn about them the more fascinating they become. I like how they magically grow over night. They appear to come from nothing. They always looked like little umbrellas to me. I am sure the animated movies I watched as a child helped this thought a long. They come in all sorts of colors that seem so fake. I want to go see the truly giant mushrooms someday and the ones that glow in the dark.

A friend of mine recently told me she figured out why I love mushrooms so much. They thrive and grow in the darkness when everything else dies. My thoughts were they are extremely important to all life on our planet, taken for granted, and often overlooked. Well, I would like to think both thoughts describe me. I am at least extremely important to my children and taken for granted by them. what mother isn’t?

Now you can enjoy some pictures of mushrooms I have taken over the years. time is up my pasta is ready.

These are Devils Urn. They felt like velvet, and I found them in January 2022.

These were found on Thanksgiving 2021 or 2020. Something like that.

This purple was found in my yard in 2020.

Well, choose to thrive.

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